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Discover THEO: Education, Reimagined. A world where interactive learning thrives and every young mind is an adventure. Tailored for ages 9-15, THEO blends technology and education into an exhilarating journey of discovery, growing with every child at every step.

LISA Tablet

Redefining Education for a Digital World

The Genesis of THEO: Crafting the Future of Digital Learning

A Vision Born from Necessity and Hope

When Let It Shine Academy faced the challenges of school closures during election season and the COVID-19 pandemic, a stark reality came to light. Many children, especially in public schools, lost an entire year of education due to a lack of access to digital learning tools. This situation was even more acute for the marginalized children LISA serves – those in contact with the law, or from backgrounds where education had been a missed opportunity. THEO was conceived as a solution to these challenges, embodying the idea that knowledge should never be out of reach

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THEO stands for Technology, Hosea 4:6 ('My people perish for a lack of knowledge'), Enlightenment, and Ola, my first son, who represents the future generation this tablet is designed for. It's more than a digital platform; it's a commitment to ensuring no child is left behind in their educational journey, regardless of their circumstances

Our mission with THEO extends beyond the walls of traditional classrooms. We target children in public primary schools and remote areas, those who have missed out on schooling for various reasons. THEO is our answer to a world where every marginalized child can access high-quality digital education, unlocking their full potential.

THEO's Specs & Technological Edge

Innovation at the Heart of THEO: Elevating Education Through Technology

Where Cutting-Edge Meets Education

At the core of THEO lies incredibly efficient and affordable technology, intuitively designed to bring education to life. Embracing adaptive learning and interactive content, THEO offers an unparalleled educational experience. It's a harmonious blend of user-centric design and educational excellence, making every lesson vivid and engaging. With THEO, technology is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for curiosity, a spark for imagination, and a pathway to endless possibilities in learning

Theo is not just a tablet; it's a safe doorway to a world of learning. It's an invitation to explore, and to grow, and with Android's chuild restriction features, our child-safe protected experience can be as immersive as it needs to be! With a library of interactive educational content, THEO is designed to inspire, engage, and educate, ensuring that the future of every child is bright and filled with possibility.

Android OS
Bluetooth + Wi-fi
Cortex A7 CPU
2GB of RAM
16GB of Storage

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